Daniel Yun Has Left The Building

Walking down the stairs, getting into the car, driving out of the Radio Gate, the feeling was – so this is it!

No strong feelings. The last few weeks were all pretty routine. Farewell lunches, shaking hands, well wishes and a lot of emails. Planning, settling and coordinating were the order of the past days.

The main message in all the emails was – don’t look back. Looking forward has been my instinctive reaction every time. So this time should not be any different.

Looking forward, there is a sea of tasks, big and small. There is another interview with the press.

It is important to keep the faith. The basic faith that I will prevail in a time of uncertainty. As I drove out of the building, it dawned on me that I would not be back anytime soon.

Today is 9/11. Nine years ago, the world was transformed. The day before yesterday, we were all amused by the alignment of the letter 9 – 09/09/09. A movie produced by Tim Burton on aliens called 9 was released. This whole period seems surreal and transitional.

Yesterday was a happy day. Mixed feelings but mostly happy thoughts. The key people in management appeared warm and kind which was always a good thing. 18 years of employment was ending on quite a happy note. I handed over ‘the tree’ to the MediaCorp boss.

Daniel Yun has left the building. At home, dinner conversation was usual. We had good food and popped champagne. It was a fitting end to a momentous day.

Today there is no a-free-man-in-Paris feeling but there is also no feeling of being tied down. Feeling free is relative to what makes someone tick.

The clock is ticking. In less than half an hour, there is another farewell lunch.

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One Response to Daniel Yun Has Left The Building

  1. Jessie Wong says:

    Bold move for someone who has stay put in the organization for so long! But it’s thrilling to face new challenges ahead. All the best in your endeavours.
    Quote:When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    The song “Vincent” is my fave too-a young singer Josh Groban delivered this song so well I am blown off.Been hearing it since young n always wondering why so pathetic tat an artist (most short life) leads a hard life n is famous only after he left this world.

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