A Singular Sensation!

I watched A Single Man last night. As usual, it took effort from usual routine to make it to the theatre. As with some good films, it was well worth the effort.

Ford art directed this movie straight into our hearts. A moment by moment meditation of existential desperation, it captures the luxury of being alive even when one comtemplates death. The one who died was full of life. And the one living was left with an emptiness filled with memories. Haunting and beautiful memories. Moore’s character uttered one of the twisted home truths – my future is all in my past!

I never knew one could feel despair and depression with so much style. Firth’s character is a personification of Ford’s sense of perfection and control. Deciding to die, his house, his wardrobe, his appearance, are still immaculate. He is as ready for death as he is for his close up.

The movie flows like frame after frame of classic, stylish advertisements set in motion. Yet they are never at the expense of substance. The substance is the right amount of moralizing tinged with sensuality.

This movie can be summed up in one word – Beautiful! Beautiful pictures. Beautiful people. Beautiful sets. Beautiful photography.

Life is beautiful. Even when it is on the brink of death. I left the theatre feeling at peace with my lot. What else can one ask of life if it can be this beautiful?

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