Capturing Some Precious Moments

My mother was laughing when she made her birthday wish. She was happily surprised my eldest sister and brother-in-law rushed back from Perth in time to celebrate her birthday. Almost everyone was present. Her children, grand children and great grand child. I put a call through to her 91 year-old brother in Sidney. He couldn’t hear her very well but they managed to exchanged some greetings. My mother was posing for the camera all evening. We are all happy we could celebrate this occasion with her. And we want some precious moments of the evening for keeps.

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2 Responses to Capturing Some Precious Moments

  1. 决明 says:

    照片里的小朋友应该就是云妈妈的曾孙吧!好喜欢他那 tipical Chinese oriential eyes.

  2. Karen Louis says:

    Cannot help but smile when i see these photos!

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