The Best Is Yet To Be…


My horoscope said I would be inspired today. Early evening, I started my two sets of stair climbing. The day seemed to be coming to an end. What inspiration? After climbing my first twenty-four flights of stairs, I took the lift down, breathing heavily, starting to perspire. Half way down, the lift doors opened and this senior couple walked in, holding hands. I have met them, have exchanged pleasantries. They are probably in their seventies. I forced a smile between heavy breathing. The husband looked at me and asked, “Oh you are taking the lift, not climbing the stairs?” I told him I just did and was going down to climb my second set. “Oh, yes!” he seemed to understand. “Do you know some people are talking about you? They don’t understand. Some of them can’t even climb three flights of stairs. They are not sure it is good for you. Especially your knees.” My breathing slowed a little and I managed a response, “And what do you think?” The lift doors opened and we were on the ground floor. They walked slowly out, holding hands. “I walk with difficulty now,” he started. “Do you believe I used to run marathons? I used to represent our country in athletics. When I was younger, climbing stairs was nothing. The training I went through was a lot more than young people are allowed to do today. I say, keep climbing the stairs. Good for you…” At this point, the wife laughed. The husband continued, “When I ran the marathon, my then girlfriend who is now my wife cheered me on. We do different things at different stages of our lives. I am in my eighties now. She will be eighty soon. I am lucky. When you are my age, I hope you will have someone to hold your hand. Not to climb stairs. Just walk with you. As far as you can walk each day…” He was smiling when he was walking away, not looking back. They never stopped holding hands. And they never stopped walking. Getting ready to climb my second set of stairs, I suddenly felt lighter. I knew I would climb faster. Yes, I am inspired. Come grow old with me. The best is yet to be…

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