Life Coaching

Can you remember a time when talking to someone, maybe a friend, a parent, or the person you go to for a heart to heart, you gained clarity, you saw a new perspective, and you thought of what you could do, actions that were suddenly possible solutions. You felt better and happier with yourself and your situation.

And a time when you were at a crossroads. You felt an urge to change, a desire to move on, or a need to improve the status quo. You needed to talk to someone objective, someone who could help guide your thoughts and someone who could facilitate workable ideas. Most importantly, someone who could walk you through this transition, inspiring you, stretching you, challenging you, and monitoring your growth.

A life coach can be your soul mate, your friend, the colleague you talk to, the brother who listens, the aunt who is patient, or your teacher who is nurturing. A life coach can be a trainer, counsellor, mentor, consultant rolled in one. In essence, a life coach is someone who is trained to listen and help create insights, generate new thinking, plan actions and achieve results. A life coach can help you identify your life purpose, map out your life goals, and ultimately transform your life.


My name is Daniel Yun. I have been coaching all my life. Recently, I found it has a name – Life Coaching. I decided to be trained for it. This training has been an eye-opener. It is both enriching and humbling. It is also on-going. It has made me a better listener, a better friend, a better enabler, and a better person.

I see myself as an agent of positive change. I specialize in coaching someone who is at a career or personal crossroads. A time when clarity, courage, faith and action are imperative.

As your coach, I am focused on you, on your learnings, on your strengths and on your growth. I will ask your permission to stretch and challenge you. What we talk about will be strictly confidential between us. On your part, I will ask that your enjoy the process, and to be open to all the enriching possibilities in your life.

I am also a film producer. Before embarking on filmmaking, I was a broadcaster and marketer. Most of my works in entertainment and media are defined by my personal and creative touch. I am a pioneer in various industries, known for pushing the limits, and for being unreasonably positive and hopeful.

As I transform my life further, I wish to help others to be more fulfilled, more inspired, and happier. Please email me if you wish to take this coaching conversation further. My email is Thank you.

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RACC Certificate

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