With over 30 years of filmmaking experience, Daniel pioneered many collaborations between Singaporean and overseas directors. Today, he continues to rewrite the rules of filmmaking through the digital world, and create a new wave of iconic Singaporean and international films.
You would recognize Daniel’s works through recent projects like 15 Shorts (with The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre) and A Sense Of Home (Singapore Economic Development Board). Launched on YouTube & Facebook, both feature series are inspired to raise awareness and strike meaningful conversations on the lesser told stories of Singaporeans during the 70s to 90s and the foster care in Singapore.
Some of his milestone masterpieces include:
- I Not Stupid - First Singapore film that featured internationally
- The Eye - The collaboration that broke new grounds, including a Hollywood remake
- The Maid -Domestic horror film with the highest box office record in Singapore
- Painted Skin - The first collaboration with China involving a stellar cast that broke records in the Mainland.


Being a veteran film producer with extensive experience in advertising and marketing, Daniel joined Singapore Broadcasting Corporation as Vice-President of Radio Sales and became Head of Radio Programming. Later on, he established and headed the Marketing Communications and the Programming and Acquisition departments for Television Corporation of Singapore.
In 1998, he founded MediaCorp Raintree Pictures as a part of MediaCorp’s efforts to develop content beyond the TV platform for local and regional markets. Raintree became a strong driving force to establish a local movie industry (with more than 30 major picture releases). This provided the platform to nurture Singaporean filmmakers and collaborate with accomplished overseas filmmakers.
As a filmmaker, Daniel is known for being a pioneer in several fields. He’s recognized for pushing the envelope and being a constructive change agent. After moving on as CEO at Raintree Pictures, his next big project was ‘1965’, a movie on the pioneer generation in commemoration of Singapore’s 50th year of independence. He co-produced, co-wrote and co-directed the entire project over a five year period.
In 2016, Daniel founded Blue3 Asia with Gushcloud International, to integrate the filmmaking world with online creators. Working with MM2 and other independent production houses, they readied a slate of movies to tell Asian stories with an edge that will resonate with global audiences. Starting with 15 Shorts, a ground-up initiative with the first-time gathering of diverse Singapore directors to create short films for both offline and online platforms. Working with NVPC, this project spanned across three years to craft untold real life stories in Singapore from the 70s to 90s.
Daniel is working on two feature films, while developing ‘A Sense Of Home’, a short film series for EDB, ‘LEAP!’ with Mediacorp and IMDA to uncover the most promising young filmmakers.


Daniel is also a certified life coach, moderator of forums, speaker, and column writer for the local paper. Through years of coaching and mentoring individuals, Daniel finds his niche in mentoring those who are at a professional or personal crossroads. His unique style empowers his clients to focus on optimising their learnings, strengths, and development.

We ask for your permission to push and challenge you to go further. While we journey together with Daniel, may you learn to appreciate the process and be open to the possibilities your life has. All discussions and conversations will be kept private and confidential.


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