I never knew the important role a producer plays until I made my first feature. Daniel empowered me both as a director and a writer. I had a separate writer helping me but the entire process became inspiring when Daniel was involved in the process. He involved the other talents, the actors, the line producers, the designers, art director, and some members of the crew. 

There were many meetings but every one was focused, purposeful and whenever someone was no longer needed in a meeting, he or she was excused to get on with their work. The shoot was a blast in every sense of the word. Daniel was a presence and he made every take a worthy endeavor. After the shoot, from editing to release marketing, Daniel was a force to reckon with. He negotiated with the exhibitors fiercely, politely, whatever it took to ensure the best for the feature film. It was an experience to treasure and I look forward to another experience with Daniel. 


Patrick & Anne

I was at a crossroads. I had left my job, without a job. Somehow at that point in my life, it felt right to stop working for a while. But it would become one of my most difficult periods, one filled with self doubt, insecurities and a feeling of lacking in self worth. I was in my early thirties. Someone introduced me to Daniel. He was not the panacea of all my challenges and problems. But he was a guiding light. And the most comforting presence. 

In person, on the phone or online. Above everything, he understood. Not like a parent, teacher or counselor. He was a friend. Despite only just knowing him, I could talk to him about almost everything. He redefined a listening ear to me. He was a caring listening ear. I felt the care and it saw me through a time I will not want to relive. A time with useful experiences to learn from. A time I made a forever friend to cherish. 

Kevin Sy

Daniel gave me my first movie role. Daniel spotted me and picked me when there were many other options for the role. He told the director I was the right fit. It was an ensemble film but my role was meaty enough for me to shine. I always think talents need to be given the chance to shine. Daniel has been the film producer who helped bring out Royston Tan, Kelvin Tong, while working closely with the likes of Jack Neo and Peter Chen. 881 and The Maid are not just classics. They were the movies 

Daniel produced while he was riding the wave of success with Jack Neo. 881 is the first successful musical in Singapore while The Maid still holds the record as the number one box office for Singapore horror. I am in several of Daniel’s produced films but the one that is most meaningful is I Not Stupid. It is the first Singapore film that traveled. I know Daniel is now developing a new slate of feature films after 15 Shorts. I cannot wait to be a part of one of the films. 

Irene Ong

I am asked by Daniel to talk about my career. I thought about it and decided to talk about my education. How it has been influenced by him. I am academically very proficient. I do quite well when I focus and when I work hard at it. Daniel taught me to think out of the box.Yes, but what do you want to do? What do you want? 

This is the Daniel Yun question – what do you want? What do you really want? It made me think hard. Besides working hard at it, he asked me to put my heart into it. When I did, I excelled. I found myself. I found what I really want to do, what I think I am born to do. With Daniel’s help, my education becomes a part of me, my education helps define who I am and what I am about. Studying something that feels an integral part of me, I became a designer. Now I cannot see myself doing anything else. 


There was a time my youngest son was going through a strange phase. Both my husband and I could not sit him down, let alone talk to him. As he got more and more distant from his brothers and sister, as he came home later and later in the night, we saw less and less of him. It got to a point we had a family meeting and admitted to ourselves it was a problem and it was a crisis. When he became openly defiant we decided to get someone to talk to him. 

Should this person be the same age as him? Daniel was recommended. The first surprise was how Daniel bridged the age gap. Age was really just a number. Then Daniel turned on us. On our attitudes towards our children. The expectations we had were pressure points especially to our youngest son. We discovered he was bullied in school. And that he was a bully himself. The latter was a shock to us. Daniel made us see it was a form of self defense for him. 

We are happy to report that he is now studying overseas and by all accounts he is doing well. He stays in close touch with us, and we are happy to know he also stays in close touch with Daniel.

Aldrin & Irene

Everytime I am back in Singapore, I will set aside time to meet Daniel. I am a musician who ventured to China, Beijing to be exact. Before going, I spoke to many people. Only one person, not even my parents who told me they would support me in whatever I do, told me to plunk the courage to go forth. I am now based in Beijing. Being out of Singapore as a musician, my world, both professional and personal, opened up. In ways only experiencing it can attest to the right decision I made to go overseas. 

Recently I went on stage to share my experience. I asked Daniel to say something on a video which I played while relating my story. I am also married. My parents came to meet with my in-laws. They are very happy for me. Once in a while, I will look around me and feel blessed. I have worked hard. I thank the people who helped me get where I am today. On the top of this list is Daniel. He always says it is all my hard work. It is. But it started with a window of opportunity. And having someone like Daniel push me to embrace it. Thank you Daniel.

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