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It’s a horror film that goes back to basics, creating classic haunting scenes that will stay with audiences long after they leave the cinema hall. Each culture has its own folklore of curses; this film brings a traditional source of terror into the modern urban landscape, into the dwelling spaces of Singaporeans.

Horror films tend to be about ghosts and spirits. Block 75 is about a curse, which is unseen, but felt, with increasing intensity as it takes its toll. The victim may never know the perpetrator. The story involves a father and son, their elusive neighbours, while the HDB block takes on a sinister and menacing demeanour.

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Today, inequality is surfacing as THE most important societal problem. It is said that class, not race or religion may be the most divisive fault line. This movie is posied to be the Money No Enough of this generation, with the impact of I Not Stupid and The Pursuit of Happyness.

The development of this film involves a think tank of diverse professionals and opinion leaders, while the story is undertaken by a writer’s room to develop engaging and provoking plotlines, with a vision to make this the small film that could.

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In the near future... In the world of crypto currency, where wealth is equivalent to “Life”.
Film focuses on seven young crypto billionaires who are invited and called upon to a remote island for an exclusive island sale by “The Executor”. Enticed by the exclusivity of a remote island being up “for sale”, seven of them make their way to the island. Upon
arrival, the seven are shown around the island, the lavish and exclusivity of the location.
By night, the island shows a different side to its exclusivity. It slowly unravels the secret behind the purchase and that only one of the seven can be the sole owner of the island. To be the land owner, the seven will have eliminate each other and to survive till daybreak.

As informed by “The Executor”, the sole survivor will be able to purchase the island, together with the wealth of the other six deceased crypto billionaires. Who amongst them will be able to “close” the sale, of the island, and gain wealth beyond their imagination?!

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Hana Akisada have just graduated from university in Singapore and, as a graduation trip, she decides to travel to her paternal grandmother’s home in the Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. She is looking forward to her trip and upon arrival at the prefecture, things of the supernatural kind, starts happening to her. She sees beings and hears whispers when there are no one around her. Coming to grips with her encounters, she meets a Japanese teenager who tries to help her but not knowing that he has been dead, since the 2011 tsunami, hits the prefecture. Are the beings reaching out to her for “help” to find their physical bodies!?

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A well-adjusted and sensible millennial unwittingly becomes a scam victim.

Mick Tan earns his millions in crypto currency but fancies flashing his wealth by purchasing all that money can buy… cars and jewellery and condos.

This captures the eyes of scam artist and they entertain themselves by scamming his crypto millions. This derails his future, as he enters dire financial straits. Desperate and distressed, he hatches a brilliant money laundering scheme with too much to gain, and too little to lose.

Mick Tan started stealing NFTs and he stumbles upon a collection belonging to the world’s richest man, Edmond Dawson.

Edmond finds out with regards to his stolen NFTs and initiates an investigation. When Police Detective, Alan Hawthorne, takes an interest in his case, a complicated “Cat and Mouse” game begins.

In an attempt to call it even, Mick begins to slowly return Edmond’s NFTs, via PD Alan, and essentially turning himself in with the hopes that Alan might be entice with a couple of million dollars worth of crypto currency, to escape arrest… Will he succeed?

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Based on true events. This crime thriller exposes how brother-in-arms get together in army from different background, divided by financial inequality, finding common grounding work together again, against a crime syndicate - which never discriminate.

Danny, a former private security consultant, finds himself entwined in a regional scam syndicate network after he agrees to help his wealthy army buddy, Jason, to rescue his missing daughter missing after an overseas job scam. Their survival and success of this mission in the ruthless underworld will depend on their knowledge, skills and setting aside their conflicts!

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As a young lover, Khairul and Salmah are caught in the middle when Salmah was pregnant with Halim at a very young age. Living in rented flat, Khairul has to work two jobs to make ends meet as Salmah stayed home to nurse Halim. As he grows up, we see Halim’s life slowly unravel in front of our eyes.

He works at a snooker parlour and befriends Aaron. He is slowly introduced to the underworld where drugs is the “word" of every day. He earns good money being a runner but falls for the boss' young daughter. The relationship don’t sit well with Halim’s boss as he is of a different race and puts a stop to it. Halim is determined to be with Samantha and escapes with his boss' drugs and Samantha. Will he survive the mess he created just to live a normal life...?!




In 2016, Daniel conceived 15 Shorts. 15 filmmakers – from the renowned, those making a name for themselves, to promising new filmmakers and online creators. Coming together to direct short films based on real people with inspiring stories from the 1970s to the 1990s, this project is co-produced with the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre to tell the stories of unsung heroes before the advent of social media.

Thus far, It is the only film project to show across offline and online platforms, including Mediacorp, SIA Krisworld, Viddsee, Facebook and Youtube. Collectively the films have garnered over 6 million views online and is in discussion with The Ministry of Education to include the films for teaching material in the Singapore school curriculum.

PROJECT FEATURE: Singapore Cancer Society


Created and produced by Daniel, the 5-episode series features Michael and Amy who fall in love and prepare to get married; until Michael discovers he has stage 4 cancer. They go on a journey to learn to live and love again, with the support of their loved ones.

The narrative features raw and heart-breaking interviews with real people who have faced up to cancer. This series is produced for Singapore Cancer Society, and supported by Parkway Cancer Centre.

PROJECT FEATURE: Singapore Global Network - A Sense of Home

A Sense of Home is a series of six short films based on the lived experiences of those who have made a home away from home. Anchored around themes of identity, connections, passions and possibilities, A Sense of Home captures the journeys, challenges and reflections of six individuals who had ventured abroad in pursuit of their dreams and passion.

Produced in collaboration with Singaporean film producer, Daniel Yun, and directed by local animation filmmaker, Jerrold Chong, we hope for these shared experiences to bring people together, rekindle connections and provide a warm sense of home to those who might be away.

PROJECT FEATURE: Samaritans of Singapore - Psychology on Teenage Suicide

Conceptualised by Daniel Yun, this film references to the emotions and facts in real suicide cases - featureing Tim, an adolescent with a suicidal mindset. Tim has everything people can hope for at his age: a loving mother, admiration from his peers, and a romantic relationship. Yet Tim feels alone.

This film uncovers the obvious and less obvious signs of someone who is suicidal. Produced for Samaritans of Singapore, this film seeks to generate conversations on a subject matter that many consider to be taboo in Singapore.


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