Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

This morning, as I was leaving for work, I happened to turn around and saw how the morning light fell onto the yellow flowers in the living room. Everything else in the room seemed to fade into black and white. It was an amazing sight to behold. I decided to take a photo and hope it would show up the way I saw it. This is the photo. Isn’t it interesting? Like a scene in a movie when the director wants you to focus on one thing. I bought these flowers last weekend to welcome two friends who have never been to the house. For some reasons, they didn’t make it. But the flowers have since brightened the mood of the whole house.

Flowers are wonderful. They have a way of buoying the spirits. I use to be saddened by the transience of flowers. How fast they wilt. Now I just admire the flowering. Because there is no point in paying attention to the sunset when the sunrise is up next. The Morning Glory on my fences bloom and wilt. But with each wilting flower, there is at least one bud waiting to flower the next morning. Living in this house has opened up my world to ordinary miracles. The small, the often overlooked phenomenon of what the sun and rain do to the living things around us. Including ourselves, I must add.

Growing up, while I was undeniably anxious and impatient, I was relentlessly positive. I would look at only what was positive and possible. I have dreams. They are not small dreams. I guess I wanted some of these dreams to happen fast. Some will say my self expectations are high, even lofty. Perhaps it was this desperate need to achieve that made me unreasonably and fearlessly optimistic. It was not always a smooth ride. I was a young man in a hurry. At this point in my life, I can use some of that fearlessness. I am still a rather positive person. I just want to be more so. Because honestly, it is the only way to live life.

If you look at what can go wrong, then everything is a miracle. And you know what? Everything is. I remember the times when the action of one person 贵人 changed my life. Someone by the name of Monica took me on when I had zero experience in an ad agency. A Paul transported me into the world of TV commercials and jingles. A Mr Lee accepted me as Vice President of Radio Sales and initiated me into the world of broadcasting. Years later, he would make me CEO of the first movie company in Singapore. Two years ago, a Peter invested in me, to set up an independent movie company. There were and there are better contenders I am so sure. But I just focused on the possibilities. These possibilities flowered.

A fortnight ago, the plant on our front porch bloomed with a fervour we never believed it would. It was covered with flowers. These are auspicious flowers. Being in the front of the house, there was a feeling of goodwill being initiated into our space. 花开富贵! Just looking at the flowers was uplifting. People passing by the house would stop to look. This happy flowering lasted for over a week. I told myself, if I believed, it would have flowered earlier. Like the morning light falling onto the flowers and obliterating everything around them, we really should focus on the positives and make them come alive in wondrous colours. ‘Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen’


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