Even This Will Pass

Yet another Monday. Radiation penetrating into Japan’s food chain. Gaddafi pledging a ‘long war’ of retaliation against western forces.

Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear crisis in Japan. Military intervention in Tripoli on a scale unparalleled in the Arab world since the Iraq war.

This week started on such a bleak and uncertain note. Briefing the Homerun team on my Beijing trip, a call came from the hospital. My mother’s surgery was moved forward. It would be tomorrow morning. She would have to be admitted this afternoon.

Swift re-arrangement followed and by mid afternoon, my mother was warded. At her age, this surgery came with all the attendant risks. These risks were spelled out clearly. They are dire but I am positive. In fact our whole family is positive.

I explained the surgery to my mother in ways she would understand. No misinformation and no unnecessary information that would confuse or frighten her.

She was initially afraid but her spirits were high this evening. Siti is staying with her at the hospital tonight. When I returned home from the hospital, MG our dog looked lost. The house was empty, a contrast from last evening when the whole family gathered for dinner. This potluck dinner was specially arranged before the scheduled surgery this week.


How will this week unfold in Japan, Libya and back home? I am cautiously optimistic and hopeful. We have all opted for surgery. We will fight the fight we need to fight together.

My mother appears happy and healthy today. Before the surgery tomorrow morning, she will be the same. After the surgery, it will be a long journey to recovery. Like the Japanese, we will stay resilient. In rebuilding her health.


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  2. jessamaryllis64

    I hope 云妈妈 you will keep your positive spirit up and 加油 – have confident that the team of doctors will do a good job. I pray that your operation will be a success and for speedy recovery.

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