Good Morning

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This morning, woke up automatically at the exact time I wanted to. Felt refreshed from a reasonably good sleep. Checked emails and messages. Finally got the replies I was waiting for. My helper was her usual jovial self. Taking the lift down, I heard footsteps and held it. My neighbour entered the lift and thanked me profusely. As he was leaving the lift, he smiled happily at me and almost shouted, Have a good day! Before turning into Avenue One, I stopped my car ahead of a guy reaching the zebra crossing. He was hesitant if I had stopped for him. When he realised I had, he hurriedly walked then ran and upon reaching the other side of the road, turned to acknowledged me. I nodded and drove off. If any morning qualifies as a good morning, this morning surely does. Every little thing adds up. Good morning. Have a good Friday.


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