Happy Birthday Mother!

Today is my mother’s 87th birthday. It is now 68 days after her surgery. The days leading up to the surgery, I never thought of her birthday. After the surgery, I was just glad to see the part of her throat heal from the operation.

We have decided against radiation treatment. It was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make. Her next appointment with the surgeon who operated on her is another month away. Without any post surgery treatment, we are all praying and hoping if the residual cancer cells should procreate, the doctors can still prescribe a timely intervention.

Now the most precious thing is to focus on the present. My mother’s biggest birthday gift is the gift of life today and the days after today she can enjoy with her family and friends. Almost everyone in the family will be home later to celebrate her birthday. Those absent are overseas. I am sure they will be present in spirit.

Sometime in the last decade, my mother stopped being dramatic and became matter of fact. She also stopped crying. Even in the most stressful or painful situations, she never shed a tear. She is easily the most positive in our family. Until recently when her health was better, she was always laughing or at least smiling.

Happy Birthday mother! It has been a rough ride in the last three months. But one we rode together. You have been brave and you have faced most of it with a happy face! Today we celebrate your birthday by counting our blessings!


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  2. Karen Louis

    Happy Belated Birthday!

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