My Mother Has Wheels!

Today is a happy day! The 18th of September. My mother can get in and see the Botanic Gardens. She has wheels!

I couldn’t decide. She couldn’t accept. This week I decided and she accepted. The fact that she will be on a wheelchair when she is out of the house.

Shirley, my sister, mentioned it to Siti. That my mother would need a wheelchair. When we officially moved into the Homerun office, I asked Shirley to fetch my mom and Siti. From the carpark, it was difficult for her to walk over 50 meters at one stretch. When she reached our office, she was catching her breath. I knew. We had a worse experience when we brought her to watch ‘Aftershock’. Negotiating her way to the toilet and then back to the cinema hall, I thought she was on the verse of collapse from exhaustion. She was breathless, tired and embarrassed.

Yet both my mother and I resisted the idea. Somehow the thought of her in a wheelchair was depressing. By the time Shirley called, I had resolved the idea in my head and thank her for offering to buy the wheelchair. Shirley also offered to fix her dentures which, with age, have loosen, sometimes making her speech inaudible.

I have been busy all week at Homerun. I was waiting for the weekend. To immediately turn this depressing chair into a vehicle for happy outings. And it starts with the Botanic Gardens! I had brought her to the cafe outside the garden. It was impossible for her to walk inside.

Today, she has wheels. As we entered the gate, it was exhilarating. We covered a great part of the garden. Pushing her, I imagined she felt like being on a slow rollercoaster ride. Both Siti and MG enjoyed themselves too. We bought lunch on our way back.

My mother cannot remember the last time she was inside the garden. It may actually be her first time. Which will make this day extra special!


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