White House, White Christmas

Today is the third day of Christmas. This year, the theme of my Christmas decoration is white, with black and silver. This colour scheme is integral to how I have re-decorated my house recently.

It has been an unusually cold and white Christmas in many parts of the world. Travels were disrupted and my heart goes out to the millions who were either late returning home for Christmas or did not make it in time to celebrate with their loved ones.

Quite out of the blue, there was a request to shoot my house for an article under personal space in the Business Times. There was a short interview with the shoot. It all happened so fast, two days before Christmas. And the article came out on Christmas Day!

This is the article –

White House Personal Space Dec 25 2010

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  1. littlesocks

    X’mas can be fun in many ways!
    Only 2 visitors – a young Singaporean couple was attending “Choong Soo Pieng” mandarin guided tour during X’mas eve – was another type of experience you will never have.
    Merry X’mas & Happy 2011!

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