Do We Know This White Pigeon?

Yesterday was the 15th day of the 7th month. A chilling dream woke me before 5am this morning. Was it my heart pounding or footsteps walking the staircase? The barking of MG brought me down to check. Nothing. She looked up at me from her usual place of rest. It was still dark and colder than usual. The Chinese believe the spirits of the other world will leave before the dawn of the 16th day.

Did my father come back? This year, we prayed at his grave and also at the temple where his tablet was placed. He died 18 years ago on the 12th day of the 7th month. Maybe this year I need a sign that he is still watching over us.

Mom and Siti listened intently as I described the noise in the night and my notion that perhaps Dad was back. Mom was quick to believe and spoke of the appearance of a pigeon when we were burning the paper notes and how it flew off just when we finished. “It was Dad”, she confirmed.

The shadow of the 7th month is gone. With a brighter and sunnier disposition, the tasks at hand are tackled with expedience and confidence.

This week, Bloodties by first time director Yee Wei premiered. The director showed potential. In a different way, it was also about the return of the dead.

Tonight, over 30 past and present staff of Raintree Pictures will gather for dinner. The house will be filled with more females, talking, laughing and probably asking the details of my immediate plans. Shirley has recommended a new caterer. So I am also looking forward to the food.

We finally settled on a name for our new venture – Homerun Pictures!


  1. Interesting choice of name for the company- sentimental reference to a previous winning film.

    Still, wouldn’t it be complicated by Homerun Pictures ( which has dibs on that name ?

  2. danielyunhx

    When I thought of Homerun Pictures, the movie was not on my mind (Jack came up with the Chinese title and I came up with the English title). And it is not my favourtie movie from Raintree Pictures.

    We were thinking of Greenlight Pictures but there were just too many companies with this name related businesses.

    Homerun is at once local and universal. It gives a feeling of talents homegrown, but it also means the final leg to victory, that we can see the light at the end. In development of movie projects, it is quite crucial to able to see the light, to know there will be a green light soon. We have reserved Thanks.

  3. Woon Chet Choon


    Just back from Screenwriting Expo in LA. Very nice. Love to catch up with you on your plans and explore ways to assess script ideas faster . . .



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