My Second Act

This is my first post. If this is act one of a movie, it is usually dramatic, a scene setter, establishing the premise, the tone, creating a want-to-see which builds on a sense of expectation.

At this point, act one is about a major change. An impending transition. A need to stay positive. Like watching a new movie by a trusted director or producer – you don’t really know what to expect but have enough faith it will take you to a good place.

While this act is playing out, I have to plan for act two. Act two in many ways will be my second act in life. Moving on from a long career. Creating a new one. What will this second act be and how will it take shape? I am curious myself. When was the last time I was at such a crossroads? I guess this blog will document this coming act.

My mom is with me in her sunset years. What motivates her every morning? What keeps her spirits up? For her, act three is being written. It seems she cannot control the form and shape of this act. But who can really control anything or any act in life?

Hello World! Come what may!

with mother at movie gala


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